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The experience and knowledge of our team have created Africa’s biggest and most successful forex broker in under four years.

We previously started a broker to grow to over 500 000 clients with average deposits and withdrawals of over R 500 Million Rand per month. Inevitably, the next step would be to help other entrepreneurs, call centers and business looking to diversify their portfolio and get into a space whereby they can enjoy this lucrative industry all through the help and guidance of experienced individuals.

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We know how to succeed so let us show you how! Our team has decades of experience and understand the African market and with us on our side you are destined to succeed.

chief executive officer

Chief executive officer

Justin Paulsen

Is the founder of JP Prime and has over 10 years experience in starting, running and expanding forex brokerd into various countries especially South Africa. He understands the dynamics of the African markets and is your ideal partner to have. Justin will be over seeing the JP Prime project, and will be involved with helping you strategise the expansion of your brokerage to help you increase your ROI.

chief operations officer

Chief Operations Officer

Kurt Paulsen

As the Chief Operations Officer, Kurt runs the retail division of JP Markets and is responsible for all the systems and technology within JP Prime. Kurt has many years of experience in IT Systems and phenomenal growth in the Forex industry. He is uniquely qualified to combine the passion and technology required for this industry. From the opening of accounts to managing your employees, he builds the systems to deliver the best results and information as quickly and efficiently as possible.