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At JP Prime, we want to give you all the knowledge to make the best choice when choosing between our offerings. We will come alongside you and help you get your own FSP Licence or open up your brokerage under another brokerage FSP license. We believe that it is important that you take into account the pros and cons of each option when making this important decision.

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apply for your own fsp license

Apply for your own
FSP license

You can apply for your own FSP license. We will assist you through the process and setup as well and mentor you through your first six months.



  • Own MT4 Platform
  • Own website
  • Own FSP Number
  • Own company
  • Build a stand alone brand which has value


  • It is very costly to setup and sustain
  • The costs are higher and you will need to budget for office space, employee salaries and technology costs
  • You will need a solid database of clients to trade so that you can service your monthly costs
  • The risk of success is much lower as the high costs increase your risk of failure
  • FSCA licensing can take up to 4 months for approval

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juristic rep

Open your own
broker as a Juristic Rep

Our most popular offering for start-ups is as Juristic rep. A juristic rep is where your company, E.G. Joe Soap FX, is regulated and authorized to operate as a Forex broker but they don't have their own FSP Number. You will become a representative underneath JP Markets and your clients will sign the customer agreement with JP Markets FSP number and deposit with JP Markets. This option allows you to benefit from all the lower costing which will result in higher rebates.



  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Licensing and technology only takes 3-5 days
  • Can benefit from a full revenue structure of a FSP License in a shorter period of time
  • All licensing, employee and compliance costs are less


  • The licensing will be under an existing brand
  • Compliance obligations still fall under the existing brand

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schedule your own appointment

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appointment now

A forex broker is expensive to launch but the rewards far exceed these costs. Our approach is different and we break down and analyze each and every component of the costs involved and help you identify the areas where you can increase your revenue and decrease your expenses. You will personally sit with our executive team through online meetings or face to face and show the complete breakdown and understand your requirements to make sure we build you for success.