Company Overview

JP Prime is a specialist division of JP Markets ( FSP – 46855) which offers tier 1 Liquidity to various Forex brokers, start-up financial providers, asset managers, fund managers and platform providers in South Africa.

With the lucrative industry of Forex brokerages hitting the African Market, we offer a one-stop solution to all your brokerage needs. Our unrivaled and experienced team of individuals have grown and expanded JP Markets from a start-up into the biggest broker in Africa. Boasting balance sheet growing to hundreds of millions of Rands in 2 years, we can honestly say we know what we are doing. Now, why would you not want to leverage off that achievement?

"Our motto is: Transparency, Honesty, and Reliability."

We have learned the hard lessons of what doesn’t work, and the good lessons of what does. By doing so we understand how to avoid the mistakes and will help you avoid them too. We know the methods to run a successful broker so that you don’t need to make these mistakes.

Since our focus is Africa, there are an array of benefits we can assist you with which not only reduces your costs to open and run a Forex broker in Africa, but also limit your exposure to currency risk fluctuations. We help you with everything you need to know to start, open, run and a successful brokerage and give you insights and analytics about your performance monthly to make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

We can assure you the best service, most cost-effective solutions, and unparalleled support and service to make sure you achieve the success you deserve in this industry. You focus on the clients and we will do the rest. Lets the experts do your technology and you do what you are best at.

The experience and knowledge of our team has created Africa’s biggest and most successful forex broker in under 4 years. We previously started a broker to grow to over 500 000 clients with average deposits and withdrawals of over R 500 Million rand per month.

Inevitably, the next step would be to help other entrepenuers, call centres and business looking to diversify their portfolio and get into a space whereby they can enjoy this lucrative industry all through the help and guidance of experienced individuals.

"We know how to succeed so let us show you how!"

Our team has decades of experience and understand the African market and with us on our side you are destined to succeed.